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two IPs, Same result

20-07-2010, 22:34
Quote Originally Posted by Benygh
u mean i have to install another VM in to VDS and use it for new ip !?
You don't have to, but it may have additional benefits in addition to using the UK's failover IP.

The alternative is to use this:

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j SNAT --to-source FA.IL.OV.ER
FA.IL.OV.ER is obviously the failover IP you wish to use. But before that, you MUST have the "FA.IL.OV.ER" IP added to the interface already.

That line will cause all outgoing traffic to use the "FA.IL.OV.ER" IP. If this does not seem to be working for you, simply replace the "-A" in the above line with "-D" to remove it again. If it DOES work for you, then remember that a reboot will clear this information and you'll have to add it to a startup script (like /etc/rc.local) or /etc/network/interfaces (debian/ubuntu).

20-07-2010, 14:15
u mean i have to install another VM in to VDS and use it for new ip !?

20-07-2010, 12:59
I had the same problem the way i fixed it was to install virtualbox and create a VM with my failover uk ip addy and now when i use google it always goes to the uk page.

19-07-2010, 21:50
yes it is ...
its my problem ! i want to know is there any way to change that IPs INTERNET GATEWAY from FR to UK to get UK country result ?

by the way, if i do use two seperated servers they would need to be configured every time ...
the main purpose of using 2 ips on same server is that we want to get rid of this more configurations ...

19-07-2010, 16:53
normally, when set a website to be bound to an IP Failover, the web crowlers will detect the website to be located in the country of the IP.

Now, the main IP of the server keeps on being French, and outbound packets from the server come out with the French IP, and it's quite difficult to change that. I guess that's what happening to you.

another option is to have this VPN service on an Virtual Machine running on the physical server. In this case, you'll have a server (virtual) running with just 1 IP , and that'll be UK.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I didn't get what you explained

19-07-2010, 11:55
we have a server in ovh France and we have a problem wit setting IPs from different countries like uk.
we have configured two ips on one of our VDS clients and this client offers VPN Services ...
the ips are configured correctly, but when we try to connect with the UK ip it gets into GOOGLE.FR instead of Google.UK ! and it shows all websites those are localized by FR type...
when we were connected to the UK Ip we tried to check our ip and we found out that our IP is shwon in UK.

i dont understand these conflicts ...

the main reason we're gonna set different ips from different countries is that we want to get results localized for those country ...

FR ip for GOOGLE.FR and UK ip for GOOGLE.Uk

whats the problem ?!

gateways ?! IPs ?!