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DNS question - access to virtual servers from my subdomain

20-07-2010, 13:48
Thanks marks. The first part worked. I also configured the reverse one, but looks like it takes a while..

19-07-2010, 16:07
first you need access to the domain zone for and create the A record : to the IP

After, you can set the server name to Also you have to set up the reverse configuration of your name server for the domain (I won't be able to guide you much on that).

19-07-2010, 16:03

This is a newbie question -

I have a domain -, and a few Virtual Machines running on ESX from OVH -

I have web servers running on these virtual machines.

when I do
for example
it gives me the following -

What I want is to access my web servers not by typing

but by typing

And I want nslookup to give me instead of

How is it possible?