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Very slow speeds, how can it be fixed?

26-07-2010, 09:20
I have to disagree with above, all be it from my limted testing, I have had a single US box I've been testing something on for the last 40ish days and the speed between that and ovh has always been ok, usually about 10mbit its not 1gbit but its definately better than 20kb.
Do you have a test file we can help you get some more results and maybe narrow down your issue?

25-07-2010, 14:24
Welcome to the network which is OVH. You get what you pay for, and especially to USA they are terrible at times.

23-07-2010, 20:27
From 100mbps box I can download file off my OVH server at 20kb/s max.
From home (6mbps) I can download file off my OVH server at 100kb/s max.
From 1gbps box I can download file off my OVH server at 1mb/s max.

All are from USA to OVH.
I really have a problem from the 100mbps box to get only "20kb/s max" and I can get files from other box at 5mb/s or more from this same box so it is not the box problem.

I am worried that people from other parts of the world are getting poor speeds as well such as "20kb/s"

I have the traffic series (5TB on 100mbps port) so bandwidth should not be low priority right?