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Network adaptor has been disabled Win 2003 server

27-07-2010, 14:41

My suggestion is you can boot your server in vKVM mode, and do boot the windows in rescue mode with networking during booting up. And you can be able to check your server on the vKVM.

* If you try to boot the windows as normal boot on vKVM you will get blue screen errors.

27-07-2010, 13:38
there have been some interventions in the server because it stopped pinging.

In both occasions, the server has been found in the login window, but not ping.

In the last one, this log was found:

"the system cannot log you on : you did not enter a shutdown reason "

we can't see anything else.

Apart from reactivating the Nic, could you check that the server is not booting up for another reason? firewall?

Check that everything else is fine through the WinPE and try to boot it up back from the harddrive.

Let me know so, if it doesn't boot either, I can check what's the error is this time

27-07-2010, 12:44 Many thanks if you can look at this. Doing my head in

27-07-2010, 11:50
the WinPe is meant to turn the network Interface back on when you've disabled by mistake.

Maybe, once the nic has been turned on, there is some other problem. Could you give us the server name to check it? Send it to the customer support if you don't want to put it up here. I'll update the thread once I know more about it.

26-07-2010, 23:52
I'm not familiar with the ActiveNIC tool but you may be able to get into the registry and edit the configuration of the NIC. I did this once with a mistakenly set up bridge - if you Google it, you can find where the registry keys are.

26-07-2010, 12:57
I have rebooted the system in WinResue mode and connected via VNC

I noticed there was an ActivNIC tool which I assume turns the adaptor back on. I ran the ultility, reset my boot up to hard disk and did a hard boot.

Still it refuses to boot up.

Any ideas from anyone pls