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26-07-2010, 21:56
I still like the other suggestion that was made before: Can we have a B2B (Business to Business) forum section, where people can ask for, or sell their services (provided it is not in direct competition with OVH, of course). Simple and effective, increases forum / customer engagement and no need to dedicate an entire website to it.

26-07-2010, 21:54
Machine Translation:


We made not badly R & D with the turn of a project named “”. The idea was to create a directory with the sites of our customers and to thus give the ideas to prospective customers on what it is possible to have like service and at which price. A gallery of sites with a bond towards the webagency which did it. Why? To return the requests that Ovh receives every day on the part of prospective customers on the requests which are related to our trade but which is not our trades. On the other hand they are the trades of our customers…

We posted several alpha and the feedback was very bad. Approximately, one spoke about all the fears and the problems which the project could create until “the companies in India could be recorded on the tool?”. We did not have enough feedback (and with final of motivation) to continue the project which was in stand-by passenger since 1 month.

We decided to give up the project to devote ourselves to other ideas that one has to test and to set up. One is disappointed a little but good, that will go nevertheless

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26-07-2010, 20:18
We have done a lot of R&D to create a project called "".
The idea was to create a directory of sites for our customers
and thus give ideas about we could possibly offer
that would be of benefit and at what price.. A gallery of sites with
a link to the webagency who made them. Why? To return
all the applications that OVH receives every day on the part of prospective clients
whose requests are related to our business but are not
interesting to our businesses. What are the cons of our customers .....

We have posted several 'alphas' and the feedback has been very bad.
Basically, we talked about all the fears and problems that
this project could create right the way up to "Can business in India
could register with the tool? ". We haven't had enough
feedback (and/or final motivation) to continue the project
that has been on standby for 1 month now.

We decided to abandon this plan in order to pursue
other ideas we deem worth of testing and implementing. It is
a bit of a disappointment but, hey!, we will move forward anyway