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Work tonight
26-07-2010, 22:56
Good evening
Well, here it is ... it shows only that the works have only caused
minor stress to the network ... This type of work is the worst scenario for us
since it is our backbone ... The security measures that we put in place barely 5
days ago ... Much like it was for syncro
.... 1 day nearer ...

So this is already a Task:
but it wont be tonight but tomorrow ...

pff ...

The good news is that work on Sunday
Morning brought stability to the vss:

So we are going to leave the routers till tomorrow
to see if they can automatically manage to check if what's written here
is true ...

Sorry for the noise.

26-07-2010, 22:16
Good evening
It's going to be a long night. There will be works on the fiber optic cables between
Roubaix and Brussels, this will cause cuts in
Roubaix/Amsterdam and Roubaix/Frankfurt. The traffic will be rerouted
automatically via Roubaix/London/Amsterdam and Roubaix/Paris/Frankfurt.

For more information:

We will be monitoring this very closely.

The work began very early (22pm). It's about an eight hour
job ...