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VLAN with Proxmox

30-07-2010, 21:22
You can create an additional bridge, and add an additional NIC to each VM on this particular bridge - that would give them a dedicated link.

Otherwise, what I often do, is install a s/w router in a KVM. It has 2 NICs, one for the WAN side (attached vmbr0 for example) and one for the LAN (on vmbr1). The s/w - like pfSense or Vyatta (very buggy!) - will handle the VLAN provisioning, which other VM's attached to vmbr1 can then utilise.

30-07-2010, 10:03
Hi folks,

this one is not related to my boxes here with OVH, but I know there are some people who are working with Proxmox who might know the answer.
I installed it on a system, and is working fine.
Now I have a requirement to have at least 2 NICs in a VLAN configuration, so that they act like a crossover connections, which is going to be used for Network Links within a Cluster configuration.
I was looking around the net, and found some thread in regards to VLAN.
But they all seem to indicate to change it, once the system has been up, and looks like are only applicable for OpenVZ containers.

I'm running a full KVM setup, as the product comes with its own OS, and the network setup has to be correct during the installation.

So basically is it possible to setup VLAN between virtual NICs in a QEMU KVM container, before actually installing the OS?

Thanks in advance,