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Question About PortScanning

12-08-2010, 23:28
Quote Originally Posted by fozl
Best not to tell you out here. You could email us...
Alright, i was on the phone the other day with a nice guy from your support, he couldn't tell me exactly ...

bottom line, i sometimes need to run nmap to check if all services are working.

ill shot u guys an email once ill have time to work on my monitoring scripts... too busy now

11-08-2010, 16:12
Best not to tell you out here. You could email us...

11-08-2010, 15:20
I have a server set with a firewall.
i want to run nmap scan on all ports for that server from another server that i have.
will that trigger a " hack detection " or will it be possible to scan and audit my security settings?

I used to run a simple php script to probe my web servers and mail servers ( port 80 and 25 ) it was monitoring about 20 web servers ( including VM servers ) and i got a hack detection regarding port-scanning for the monitor host.

can someone clarify what method could i use in order to probe my server without getting a hack detection ?