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Routing issue

07-09-2010, 15:48
Quote Originally Posted by darkfyre
I give up trying to get OVH to sort this, they kept trying to tell me it was an issue with my server. Like talking to a brick wall.
I can confirm that if it's a server issue, then I have the exact same issue with my own OVH server. An issue I don't have with ANY other data center (despite almost identical configs) and my home ISP.

This user got the issue sorted so it can be done if you pester OVH enough.

06-09-2010, 17:50
Good luck with that In about 3 months time I expect a mass exodus from them unless they improve things, let us know how the chargeback goes

06-09-2010, 11:33
I give up trying to get OVH to sort this, they kept trying to tell me it was an issue with my server. Like talking to a brick wall.

Its really obvious when several people are unable to route to an IP from a specific /24 but every other network can reach it fine.

Guess the techs were just too confused to be able to help.

Its obvious the problem was with routing and even still all my requests for a refund under the SLA were just ignored - sent my chargeback forms back two days ago tho :-)

02-09-2010, 22:21
IP blacklisted? wont ping from my OVH server either, as wont an increasing amount of IP's these days.
I get told something like "That IP was dong something nasty a week ago so its blacklisted. Ask the owner of the IP to contact us (OVH support)"

How about just unblocking an IP after 6 hours and blocking it immediately again if it's still being naughty instead of this week old (and longer?) blacklist.

A blacklist is useless if it blocks sites that are fine.

Anyway, can we see this blacklist you use OVH?

27-08-2010, 19:36
traceroute from kimsufi on

notice how the gateway doesnt forward to packet to
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  6.463 ms  6.629 ms  6.635 ms
 2  * * *
 3  * * *
 4  * * *
 5  * * *
 6  * * *
another traceroute done to a random IP in the same /24 - it gets routed correctly.

darkfyre@power:~$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  0.455 ms * *
 2 (  0.602 ms * *
 3 (  0.571 ms  0.716 ms  0.719 ms
 4 (  0.875 ms  0.885 ms  0.882 ms

27-08-2010, 18:34
Firewall is now offline and monitoring is on.

I dont see how this will change anything .. the problem is with the gatway at not routing to

Other user in this thread reported the same problem from the 94* range, but works fine from the 91* and other ranges, so its not specific to my server .. its something on the network.

27-08-2010, 18:23
Fozl and me have talked about it alongside an engineer and that's the answer:

the engineers can't do anything as long as the monitoring system is down and the firewall is on (if it really is, can't check).

You maybe right, but we can't reproduce it before you change this. That's the only way forward for this issue

27-08-2010, 17:44
I had a lengthy chat with someone from the UK office about the firewall and monitoring situation - think it was Marc. (he just sent me an email saying he is still looking into it - maybe he can update you ?)

I demonstrated that the gateway at does not know of any routes to, or its been nullrouted or something else.

The traffic doesnt even pass through the gateway - so 100% sure it cant be blocked by the firewall on the machine. (I even disabled the fw while on the phone to prove this point)

I ran "mtr" from earlier:

1 -
2 - ???

no known routes it seems?

Thanks again for your time looking into this.

27-08-2010, 17:36
Could you confirm whether or not you have a firewall? You said that you turned Monitoring on again, but still the monitor can't scan your server.

27-08-2010, 13:00
Quote Originally Posted by fozl

I know your issue isn't connected to the incident we had yesterday, I have and will chase your ticket.
Thank you.

Any timescale of when the routing might be corrected? Currently im sitting with a server which cost me almost 200 which I cant use for the purpose I bought it for .. all because of a routing fault :-(

27-08-2010, 09:44

I know your issue isn't connected to the incident we had yesterday, I have and will chase your ticket.

27-08-2010, 07:56
delta:/home# telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 jgreylist v8

26-08-2010, 23:09
94.* server...

telnet 25
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

But.. works fine from my 91.* boxes

26-08-2010, 22:27
Out of interest, anyone with a server in the 94* range - would you mind trying the telnet command and letting me know if you can get routed:

telnet 25

26-08-2010, 22:20

I waited 11 hours for a support reply, only to be told that I need to turn on monitoring.

Their reply has nothing to do with the issue I reported. The server works fine, apart from routing to a particular ovh subnet.

/frustration - I spend hours working out where I think the problem is only to have a tech not even read my ticket properly and give a generic, unrelated reply :-(

26-08-2010, 21:31
check the OVH works page- ovh broke earlier...repeatedly lol

26-08-2010, 21:27
Neither could I, couldn't connect to any of my servers for around half an hour, although I could via another server I have with another French provider..

26-08-2010, 19:04
I couldn't reach the forums/my server earlier.

26-08-2010, 18:05

Ive no problem connecting to anything outside of the OVH network, only internal addresses which are not in the 94* IP range.

Example - server on cannot connect to (gets nullrouted at the gateway

traceroute to (, 30 hops
max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 0.872 ms * *
2 * * *
3 * * *
4 * * *
However the same server can connect to external hosts and other servers in the 94* range which I have access to test.

26-08-2010, 17:59

Issue with our peering to google, resolved now.

26-08-2010, 17:56
Anyone else been experiencing routing issues today ?

I bought a new server in the 94* range, however I am unable to access any internal IP's outside of the 94* range.

eg. traceroute from my new box to a different physical box in the same IP range works fine and is routed past the default gateway:

traceroute to (, 64 hops max,
40 byte packets
 1 (  0.622 ms 
0.516 ms  0.488 ms
 2  * (  0.559 ms
 3  * * *

However a traceroute to anything else outside of the 94* (unless its not on the OVH network, google etc all works fine) range appears to be nullrouted after it hits the default gateway.

traceroute to (, 30 hops
max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  0.872 ms * *
 2  * * *
 3  * * *
 4  * * *
I mailed support 7 hours ago and opened a ticket 6 hours ago, usually i get a reply from UK support very quick, but nothing in this case..

Anyone else in the 94* range able to traceroute to other OVH servers outwith this range?