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Monitoring with OVH SMS ? Virtual machines ?

02-09-2010, 22:10
How do ovh check the service or port thats running on your server ?

I do understand that on the server there is the software package RTM.

So if i use Virtual machines how can you make this work with OVH sms
How to set up the tooling RTM ? I know just basic ICMP is possible to set
as a sms alert. But what with services like Apache or mail servers.

Who has some more experiance with this. Just dit order a sms package to monitor my servers. And just did see RBX2 had problems sms monitoring is a must for me.


Is it possible to install RTM on youre Virtual machine ? Procedure like this: And have sms alerts ? Then will the virtual machine show up in the manager as monitoring mmmh. Think that will not possible ? Would be nice a option like that....