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2010 range reloaded

06-10-2010, 01:21
Morphie (OVH NL Staff) told me something about the OVH datacentres.

Everything is custom made, servers are cooled with water, not something you pull out and upgrade

05-10-2010, 18:59
Quote Originally Posted by AdamD
Is there any chance existing customers who are on the pre reloaded machines, can get an upgrade to the reloaded? (for a small fee?)
No, I'm afraid not.

05-10-2010, 18:18
Is there any chance existing customers who are on the pre reloaded machines, can get an upgrade to the reloaded? (for a small fee?)

04-10-2010, 18:44
What's your order number?

04-10-2010, 18:18
When I get my EG AMD Reloaded ???? I paid mine two days after the email came.

16-09-2010, 12:39
SP10R have same hardware except 2GB more RAM for 15 Euros more?
You should upgrade both hard disk and RAM...

16-09-2010, 11:37
Quote Originally Posted by Neil
Thanks, I guess it will only be for the FR clients for awhile first? On the website everything looks the same. I guess there is some latency with the design changes and what not.

16-09-2010, 10:31
Quote Originally Posted by Speedy059
What does this mean? Is OVH going to start offering new types of servers or something?
If so, when can we expect to see the specifications of them?
The new range is already on

16-09-2010, 09:50
What does this mean? Is OVH going to start offering new types of servers or something?
If so, when can we expect to see the specifications of them?

15-09-2010, 20:58
"Everything is fixed".

Famous last words. :P

15-09-2010, 17:58
Still no official translation? Tsk tsk!

Edit: Thanks Fozl
14-09-2010, 22:26
OVH has reloaded our line of dedicated servers.

In general.

There is very little new material that is available
and of interest in terms of price, reliability or
performance. The disc hybrids etc.. We
have tried a lot of hardware and reloaded the range
now more focused, it seems to us, that this is the "best"
of the bunch at the moment.

Regarding the distributions, we completed
updates for all of our 64bit distributions.
We can therefore forget the limits of the RAM at 3GB/4GB
we therefore decided to raise the bar for an 8GB
server 69euro.

Finally, a year ago we were the first (the only?) ones
to launch servers with Intel's SSDs. We
knew that the DSS did not have a good reputation but
we also knew that Intel had done an excellent job
with the SSD X25 technology. We have therefore decided
to "Sponsor" the DSS and make it a more attractive proposition in
terms of price and therefore allow you be the judge for yourself.
12 months later we will be able to say that you are in no
doubt about the reliability and/or performance. Also
Linux is now supported with TRIM allowing better
erasing of blocks. In short, everything is fixed and reliable. OVH
cant cease the "sponsorship" of these offers which
have resulted in an increase of about 20euro in price for
new servers with DSS compared to the 2010 range.
It does not affect the price of servers already leased.

Finally, as you know, OVH manages over 80,000 servers
and servers may change hands 2-3 times per year.
This is called 'turnover'. For the Cloud Computing the turnover
can occur 2-3 times a day "on a dedicated server at OVH
this can be 2-3 times "a year". Anyway. We have decided to guarantee
the disks are shipped for all new servers
for each order. For technical questions, "new"
to us means "<1000 hours" is less than six weeks.
Because we have improved our production processes and we
electrically tag the servers "as stock undelivered"
but you never know, could be a bug or something, and it would be
stupid to have to change discs never used just because
the server has waited six weeks for
deployment ... In any case, once you place the order,
the question will not arise: you will be the first user
of the drives.

Turning to the technical details of each range. Its about to get
heavy ...

Superplan, offers 2X CPU, 2x more
RAM, 2x more disks. Indeed, the SP range passes
now on the new Intel i5 with a true
4 cores / 4 threads. In addition you now have 8GB
RAM disks and RAID 2x1.5TB and all this for
69 Euro Ex. VAT/Month!

EG will generally have the Xeon CPU 4 cores / 8 threads is
a Nehelem W3520 (i7). It will also generally have 12GB of RAM
on the range and hard 2x1.5TB. You
mount a RAID card-HARD optional, required for
ESXi since it does not work on RAID-SOFT. Network
will be 1Gbps.

MG is powered by two Intel CPU's same as SP "i5" and Xeon
so it will have 8 cores and 8 threads with 24GB of RAM and
2x1.5TB with a 1Gbps connection. There are some very clever
hybrid configurations perfect for cloud computing.

HG is powered by two Intel Xeon CPU's same as EG "i7"
so it has eight cores and 16 threads with 24GB, 48GB, 98GB
128GB, 196GB of RAM which are hard to map. Network
is 10GB and there are two power supplies in the chassis
with two independent sources. Everything for storage
is more reliable and efficient.

AMD has worked well and we decided you
should get to enjoy it and we have developed a range based on these
(New) CPU's? you to tell us ...

OVH sponsored DSS, why not sponsor AMD?

AMD is a hexacore EG (6 cores / 6 threads) with 16GB
2x1.5GB RAM and 1Gbps network for 109Euro Ex. VAT/Month.
It is in "gamma test" for up to three months and
say at about 50% of full cost(limited to 100 servers). The goal is to
validate the performance with you, validate all
distributions and discuss any reservations you may have with the
AMD line of servers, but pragmatically, for those
who have taken an AMD and an EG and are interested in a hybrid
or else ... ? We can speak knowledgeably.
After around three months max, the server switches to normal price.
Either you go for the normal price or you can stop. No
Commitment of course.

MG is an AMD dual octocore (16 cores/16 threads) with
32GB of RAM and 64GB of RAM. Discs 2X1.5GB. Similarly
100 servers are in "gamma test" with up to 50% off for max 3

Even without the 50% off for the "gamma" these 3 servers
certainly are worth a look ... should complete the HG AMD
in two weeks ... core baby core ... cloud baby cloud.

All servers have a backup by default which is not a bad
option, everyone knows this in their heart. These servers
can switch to "Commercial" if you need more
RIPE IP addresses, firewall or vrack. RAID cards HARD
are available from the EG range, etc.. In short, the
standard. Nothing has changed.

I did say it was going to be heavy ... so? What do you think?

is it heavy?