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How to Reset Original Reverse DNS?

15-09-2010, 21:05
Thanks! the (with real IPs of course) worked for me. I couldn't remember what the original were.. and everything else needed an A record. I knew already what the ksxxxxxx was

15-09-2010, 17:58
de fail-over ip's are in this way: or (replace with the ip)

and the main ip: or
you can get the XXXXXX from the servername in manager which is listed as (if not default): / ksXXXXXX or / nsXXXXXX

tip: use robtex, enter your IP, and then click on shared, here you can propably get the right reverse dns.

15-09-2010, 16:19
Hi - I'm handing a few servers back in (back to a reseller)... so I want to remove the reverse DNS that are set.. but how? For the prime IP, i set it to the server hostname, so that was easy, but how do I set the failover IPs? I tried using the but that doesn't work.. How do I reset them so that the IPs no longer will resolve to my hosts that I'm using still elsewhere.