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Proxmox 1.6

29-11-2010, 16:07
i tried the upgrade and now my server is unbootable

08-11-2010, 19:00
So, is that safe to run on proxmox 1.5?
Last time i tried, the server was unbootable

17-09-2010, 21:49
thanks for the warning yonatan and thanks for the info neil.
somehow i was convinced that the current kernel didn't support ipv6 and that the solution was an upgrade instead of simply assigning an ipv6 address to the machine...

i seriously think i need a holiday :\

17-09-2010, 14:07
don't update on HG servers yet...

Neil, ask Felix about this, look at ticket # 537241

17-09-2010, 12:53

We have Proxmox 1.6 listed in the OVH Manager ready to go, if you want to upgrade your server:

Just do:
aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade

If you want to change the kernel too:
aptitude update
sed -i "s/^MODULES=.*/MODULES=most/g" /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf
aptitude install pve-kernel-2.6.32-3-pve
aptitude safe-upgrade

Without disrupting the VMS is more less impossible and as always, backup first!

16-09-2010, 21:20
has anyone updated proxmox to 1.6? and if so how can that be done without disrupting existing vms?