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mC and mCm
23-09-2010, 16:02
OVH offers the mC and dC (still in beta). The dC is
a "devCloud" the cloud for developers.
Cloud does not require admin knowledge.
Click and it works.

The name "dC" for devCloud, is a misnomer. Customers expect
it is a Cloud "in development". Or
is just to develop. In any case we do not think
it can be used in production.

Therefore we decided to change the name of the offer
dC and call it "mCm" ie "mini Cloud Managed". It
is indeed offer "Managed Cloud", ie
administered by OVH (without root access). You have
nothing to do in terms of administration and OVH
manages the infrastructure for you 24/7.

It does no longer speak of dC or devCloud but the
mCm or Managed Cloud.

There. That's it