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23-09-2010, 16:58

For the last 2-3 years, OVH has made various changes
to the organization of support. All this in order to
accommodate the support needs of our customers. We
improved the quality of technical and commercial support,
but all problems are not solved yet.

The last note of these developments will lead to the
development of (real) sales support. Strange as it
may seem, OVH has never had a sales force.
Our efforts (commercial) are summarized to provide
"better for less" and therefore are based on
technological innovation that you sell out
And if the client contacts us, our job is purely
"Functional". Run the deals. That's our job.

With the phone, we felt the need for a more "Emotional" relationship
with the client and it will be even more true with
access to the Internet, ADSL, SDSL. Especially because we seek
business customers who need tools to
work or to work teams. At the same time,
Tender GS (Global Solution) web hosting work well.
There are also a lot of customers who are waiting for our Private Cloud
Computing and managed version. Finally, we want a relationship with resellers
not based solely on price. We had stopped the project
to move towards a less virtual business relationship.

Therefore we decided to create a new
purely commercial team. Approximately 40 people (provided
February 2010), will work in Lille on EuraLille
the 16th floor (with an impressive view of Lille), 1 minute
from TGV station. In this framework, we can establish
trade relations with those who want to see us
as the partners for whom virtual contact alone, (by
email or phone) is not enough. Sometimes shaking
hands is worth more than miles of emails to read.

Side telephone and email, you'll only be one number
number (10XX short and free) for all OVH questions.
Commercial, technical or incident. We will therefore
remove the toll number (from January 2011, wholesale
soon as the team is fully operational in Lille).
Visibility and ease of use support
should be improved for all customers but
retailers are going to finally have full tracking
but mostly enjoy the whole prospect of OVH
to contact in the field so geographically close.

The team's current support of OVH, commercial, technical and
incident, will of course remain at OVH. Those persons
who have experience in OVH for several years
will evolve to support important VIP customers.
This support will only support VIP Paid
OVH (600euro HT / year). It provides a treatment technique
and staff for each customer with further monitoring in
term of needs and specificly tailored solutions, both in
the quotes in the daily work. The advantage of this
support is that it will remain at 5 meters from all the teams
dev and adminsys of OVH here in Roubaix Valley.

The evolution of the medium, in 5 lines:
- A single free telephone number for support
- No premium rate number
- A sales team for all questions
both via email or phone
- Support for resellers
- Paid support for VIP customers and key
techniques that need very technical answers
and / or custom.

That is, the evolution of our support in France. Dice
Lille is in place, we will deploy this
organization in the subsidiaries. The goal is that some
OVH is a client of Europe, the commercial service
either the top (and technical responses is the most
innovative potential, OVH does not change the front, we
grow the arm he has never had...)

In parallel, after the offices of Lille, we expect to
in the same place in Lyon, Bordeaux, Rennes and of course
Paris. The idea is to create strong reaction centers
and rely on resellers for fieldwork
with our customers in each region (from France and Europe).