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23-09-2010, 17:18

It's not really an ad, but more information
for those who follow us and are interested in how
OVH and methods used to manage its growth.
In 1999, I was alone at OVH, in 2010 we will exceed 300
people. OVH must grow and to develop and
ensure quality of service.

To improve internal monitoring but also to improve
communication, we are strengthening
teams with a "Interteam" of about 5 people.
We have found nothing better for an organization "in potato"
people from February to September. By cons, given the number of "sweet"
and projects in production, development and discussion
we need people to improve the quality of
information internally.

What is the problem to fix?

We want to solve the problem, you live
daily on [url][/ url]. There are tasks
work. Several daily. "Is my client
OVH, I am affected by this task? and this one? I
do not know. I need to understand what it is
whether I'm concerned. And yet ...". It
exactly the same in-house, where there is lots of information
passing in every direction but where it's hard to know
who is information. In the final, it takes time
Analysis important to sort it all.

And so instead of a communication "hub" is desired
communication switch "switch". Avoid
noise, and deliver important information for everyone.
Only inform those involved. But it's already complex ...

If we manage this transition internally, we can move towards
500 and 1000 people (if you continue to order our
services ...), but also improve the communication tools
with you. Instead of "broadcasting" information
work or on the mailing list, better to
send it only if you are concerned. And not
disturb you if you are not affected.

There. It was not as important email ... but if you
have this problem may be that email you will
have new ideas.