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SIP Kimsufi

25-09-2010, 18:30
Or just use Google Translator:

After the offering VoIP to Kimsufi 0.00Euro VAT / month
OVH a bid to SIP Kimsufi 0.99Euro HT / month.

What a difference compared to OVH offers?
The price per minute. Kimsufi on SIP offer
is designed for resellers of minutes and all
those who seek the prize. While on
it emphasizes the quality of communication.



25-09-2010, 15:22
We will have to wait until Monday if we want to get the English translation of Oles' post?

25-09-2010, 11:17
We'll see how it turns out

they do SIP, and traditional telephone service (see

25-09-2010, 10:18
Quote Originally Posted by zydron
If you can take over telephone lines, ADSL won't be so difficult I guess...
Offer 50mb but cap to 10mb (virgin comes to mind!)

I'd advise OVH to stick to the hosting side of things, don't be like Google, get too big for their boots.

25-09-2010, 00:07
now the only thing you need to do is introduce it to all your subsidiaires

and later also introduce ADSL, fiber and television, and you are an all in one provider...
If you can take over telephone lines, ADSL won't be so difficult I guess...
24-09-2010, 20:22
Après l'offre VoIP de Kimsufi à 0.00Euro TTC/mois,
Ovh lance une offre SIP Kimsufi à 0.99Euro HT/mois.

Quelle difference par rapport aux offres Ovh ?
Le prix de la minute. Sur Kimsufi SIP l'offre
est destiné aux revendeurs de minutes et à tous
ceux qui cherchent le prix. Alors que sur
on privilégie la qualité de la communication.

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