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Unmetered Traffic - How actually fast are the speeds?

12-10-2010, 11:12
We have 60+ SP mini unmetered, they are as fast as sp mini metered (we got 1 to test), 15+ EG best of 09 10TB metered, and kimsufi c05g 3TB metered.

Inside OVH fine, outside same as all the others. most of eu, good, some usa good, rest crap. funnily we've seen sometimes better speeds to HF/RS/etc from 100mbit servers than gbit, but we figure that is due to less saturation of the peering to those places.

basically, get the unmetered

12-10-2010, 09:10
I'm looking to find out from your experiences how fast Unmetered Series actually is.

Obviously there's only 1 option, 100Mbps.

Things I'd like to know:
What speeds are you getting within OVH network?
What speeds are you getting within Europe?
Is most of Europe covered under OVH internal peering, or NON-transit bandwidth/connections? 'Unmetered Series (Low priority on our Transit Providers - Connections outside of Europe)'
What speeds are you getting to USA?

I'm interested in upload connections, I'd like to know how this 'Unlimited traffic on peering, low priority on the "transit"' option affects the speed of the server's connections within Europe and USA for the customers who will download pages/data off my sites.