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Proxmox and traffic shapping

19-10-2010, 09:46
Check out myatus guide here:

Then google shorewall traffic shaping, maybe that will sort it for you.

19-10-2010, 09:30

I'm running Proxmox on a dedicated server, on experimental basis, before deploying the real thing, on a bigger server.
Version (package/version/build) pve-manager/1.6/5087
Kernel Version Linux 2.6.32-3-pve
I've 2 KVM (one running win7 and one running win2008) and one container (OpenVZ) with Debian.

They're all set up with bridge network on vmbr0, using fail-over IPs and virtual MACs.

Connectivity is fine and all is well, except that 1 KVM (win7) will use all the bandwidth available leaving almost none to Windows 2008 or Debian. Up to a point where win2008 can't even ping out. If I stop the Win7 KVM, the other two perform very well.
I've tried a few things already:
- Replaced the nic on the Win7 from a e1000 to rtl8139 and even ne2k_pci driver
- Allocated less CPU cores to that KVM, and more to the other 2, since the NICs are virtual and handled by the CPU, this should affect it somehow
- Exchanged MAC address between them, to rule out a peering problem with the IPs

What I need now is a way to tell proxmox (vmbr0) that each client should only get a limited amount of bandwidth, or maybe, divide it evenly between the clients.

In the future, I want to have 9 KVMs and one debian, but that's with a bigger/stronger server. I don't see how having more will fix this bandwidth problem...

Thanks for your help