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Same .net and .com domain on OVHM

27-10-2010, 19:04
Hi all

I recently acquired a .com domain to match a .net I already had. The .net has been set up on my RPS (running OVHm) for a couple of years, and everything is fine.

But when I tried to setup the .com, I get this error when restarting services:

Your Apache configuration is incorrect:
Warning: DocumentRoot [/home/domainnaU/www] does not exist httpd: bad user name domainnaU
(I've changed the domain name to 'domainna')

The problem seems to be with the fact that the two domains have the same first 8 characters. So the .net version took the username 'domainna', and it tries to create 'domainnaU' for the second one, but that doesn't work (I presume the username can't be more than 8 chars).

Is there a workaround for this? Ideally it should be clever enough to change the username when it detects what will ordinarily be a duplicate username...

Any help would be much appreciated