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Either I'm very unlucky or Virtual Macs are very broken

29-10-2010, 11:27
I'm assuming that virtual macs are not covered by any sort of SLA.

If this is the case shouldn't it be the case that they are if you are using a server with a hypervisor installed?

Even thought the server is running fine, it is completely useless to me.

I have been sold a car without wheels but because the engine is running fine it does not seem to be treated with any sort of urgency.

29-10-2010, 10:50
that's shouldn't be the rule at all. As far as I see so far, you've been extremely unlucky.

I'll keep you posted as the engineers work on it.

28-10-2010, 18:31
Because of my bad experience with the Kimsufi and RIPE IP's detailed in another post I decided to get an OVH server. When it took 10 days to fix, I was reminded on numerous occasions it was only a Kimsufi.

I now have an EG AMD too and that too is just as broken as the Kimsufi one was when it comes to RIPE IP's and virtual macs.

They are just now working, two seperate blocks of IP's and neither work.

I don't know about anyone else but in my manager I cannot even allocate two blocks of IP's to one server, I have to remove one block before the other even shows up.

Surely I am not alone in having this problem.

I submitted a ticket at about 3am this morning, it is still showing as 'New'

Its totally wrong that these features are broken like this, even if this issue were resolved first thing tomorrow, it would be 30 hours.

The theory behind these RIPE IP blocks is that we can quickly move them to another server in case of failure. The reality is, is that this can easily break and then we are down to this situation I am in where we can wait for days for it to be resolved.

If OVH are selling servers touted as being good for virtualisation rather than "use virtualisation at your own risk", then they should be up to the job.

Its just poor when the first thing I have had to do after buying the last two servers is to submit tickets because they are unable to do the job they are meant to be capable of.