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OVH Server Guides

15-11-2010, 21:40
One thread is enough!

14-11-2010, 17:31

I have made a blog based website for posting articles/guides on OVH services (in particular the dedicated servers). I have grabbed some good guides from these forums, written/modified a few myself and elaborated on some of the documentation OVH provide. The aim is to provide another source of help and information for OVH customers as the OVH support can't always be incredibly helpful in some areas of the server management. I also aim to provide free support via comments on articles as well.

The website is located here:

We aim to have all the articles posted written in excellent English (i.e. by native English writers or similarly good quality English).

Have a read and let me know what you think! You might find something interesting that you didn't know before

If you would like to contribute anything at all (please!) then let me know here and I'll get in contact.