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The emotional strategy

01-12-2010, 04:21
ok, I thought I ve said something too stupid

30-11-2010, 21:55
Not to worry, I thought the URL became malformed as part of the translation, but the error was on my end

30-11-2010, 01:15
thats when I scratch my head and ask what could have this important guy be thinking ( myatu) that led him to edit his post

29-11-2010, 21:47
Edit: Nevermind!

29-11-2010, 17:40
for an instant I thought I was being able to read in Frech :P
29-11-2010, 14:14

For 1 year, OVH has taken up an "emotional" strategy.
The goal is to complete the "functional" strategy that has been
our success for 10 years by the emotional part that must be
our success over 10 years now.

But is this emotional strategy? After
an extensive discussion we can conclude "let's stop debating" ...

So instead of debating some videos:

In the first video you have an example of how we translate
"Emotion" in action. Then look at what other market players do.
So, we go in the right direction or right into the wall?

Anyway... should not be afraid of our emotions...