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What's new on 14th December
14-12-2010, 20:12

Okay so what's new?

In Roubaix 2, the third generator being finished

Room 28 is progressing well
and one week after
20000V ping almost
2000V euhh ... not again
the batteries are in place, must be connected

Here we ask one of 16 Nexus 7010
for the moment the 2 of Room 28 are being tested here

ASR-G1-A9 ready to upgrade to +320Gbps
maps ready to be inserted

ASR-G2-A9 ready to connect, 640Gbps

MoMi advances well

Discusses with UK

The test containers for Strasbourg

We will add 640Gbps capacity of communication here
ready to insert, we will wait for the night

Roubaix 4
We put color within
The power rooms
and 1 week later
It is of the order

All the best,