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Free server giveaway (customers let them drop)

15-12-2010, 23:21
I got my server...excellent service.

15-12-2010, 20:58
This is highly perculiar I could not possibly accept such a wonderful offer because my forum profile insists that I already have a lovely HG XL In reality I am only on a VPS and cannot afford to pay for OVH services anymore

15-12-2010, 19:17
Email sent

15-12-2010, 18:57
Hi Guys,

Been a bit busy, so just been letting servers drop as opposed to giving them away free on here.

Still left:

2 x EG 10R AMD

We don't want profit, will transfer to your nic handle.

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it, and enjoy your day for those who don't.

Kind Regards.