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Windows server CALs?

27-12-2010, 15:08
Right, so I have to purchase own CALs. Sigh

Yea I want to give access to a windows desktop, however that can be done. Ideally as well each VM/person having own IP if possible. Though I think I just worked out how to do that :

27-12-2010, 13:23
regarding the number of connections: yes, 2 concurrent Remote Desktop connections.

You can purchase and install extra licenses on the server yourself (OVH doesn't provide them).

What are you trying to do? do you want to give access to your users through remote desktop? do you need them to access the same machine or you just want to provide remote desktops.

if the first: you'll need to purchase and install Windows Terminal Services with according licenses for the number of servers. This or use other products, like Citrix

if the second: yes, you could install Windows VMs running on your physical server. You still need a license, but you could assign 2 users to each VM and let them use the remote desktop. The resources will be used more efficiently this way and you would only need the normal windows license.

Let me know if this is useful for you

27-12-2010, 11:11
So I am wondering, the windows server versions, how many users can connect? From 0 CAL, you can have 2 connected (idea being 1 console, one RDP).

Does anyone know about this, and/or if there is option for CAL?

Lastly, the idea is having windows installed, so if anyone has an alternative idea, ie virtualisation, please say so and post some details