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A small VoIP test

31-12-2010, 03:32
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thanks to everyone.

tomorrow we will prod the service
Dear Oles,

Is this also for the Dutch market ? Do you have a link with information ?
What is included ? Do you offer voiptrunking and did numbers ?
Reseller and or wholesale packages ?
28-12-2010, 17:18
thanks to everyone.

tomorrow we will prod the service
28-12-2010, 14:20
For the telephony service, we will activate new number packs that have been granted to us by ARCEP. These numbers are (normally) configured by all France operators so we will redirect the traffic. But a quick test would not be too much.

Can you call these numbers from 10 different operators (fixed, mobile) to confirm that you understand the robot announce number in question?

Feedback under the form

"ok all : france orange mobile"
"ok all : france orange fixed Britain"
"ok all : espagne telefonica mobile"

would be perfect.

If there is a "ko" please send your phone number from which you cannot reach these numbers to This will allow us to contact the operator in question in order to configure these new numbers.

If they all work, we will activate these 100,000 numbers tomorrow morning (and you will be able to order them 3 minutes after that ... ).

Thanks in advance!

all the best


from France

0246659999 # tours
0261539999 # caen
0278779999 # rouen
0366989999 # lens
0372399999 # metz
0373279999 # dijon
0422139999 # nice
0422149999 # toulon
0458009999 # grenoble
0564119999 # bayonne

from outside France"

+33246659999 # tours
+33261539999 # caen
+33278779999 # rouen
+33366989999 # lens
+33372399999 # metz
+33373279999 # dijon
+33422139999 # nice
+33422149999 # toulon
+33458009999 # grenoble
+33564119999 # bayonne