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Network news

02-03-2008, 11:46
Quote Originally Posted by Worm
Sooo... does this mean that we get faster speeds on our kimsufi dedicated servers?
No. It's just a question of latency : the links are full and they have to be "larger" to avoid problems when there is a lot of trafic (or an attack).

02-03-2008, 08:59
Sooo... does this mean that we get faster speeds on our kimsufi dedicated servers?

02-03-2008, 02:54
Our connexion to Decix will be upgraded this week from 10G to 2x10G.
The link is full, but I think you don't feel it yet. It just touchs 10G.
We should finish the network Lille/Bruxelles/Amsterdam this week too.
400G. Amsix will be upgraded from 1G to 10G. Right now Amsix is full.
We should finish Lille/London this week too, but we won't be able
to upgrade Linx this week. We have to buy the local fibers in London
to all datacenters and it will take a while. When it's bought we
will upgrade Linx from 1G to 10G. Right now Linx is full. We will try
to connect anothers peering point in London to push all trafic.
We have some delay to upgrade private peering with Global Crossing
from 1G to 10G in Paris and 10G in London. I have no delai right now
but it's pending.

Our network capacity is 180G. We use 85G. We have no problem in transit.
We have 2x10 with Teleglobe, 2x10G Global Crossing, 1x10G with DTAG
(a new 10G is pending), 4x10G with Free Telecom. The problems we have on
the peering points is because lot of orders are late. All works were
ordered in Sep/Oct 2007 and should have be finished in Dec 2007 and
we are in Feb 2008 and it's still pending. We are sorry for all the
problems. It's will be fixed very soon.

We will start very soon the new project for the long distance on our
own: Bruxelles/Dusseldorf/Franckfurt. I think we have to start quickly
since it takes 6 months to get all in work. And 400G of capacity from
Lille to Frankfurt will be very interesting to have the best quality.