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help with redirection.

31-12-2010, 11:01
You're right!!

Thanks, it's all working now.



Seems we're half working??

If I put the domain in without 'www' it works.
If I put it in with 'www' it doesn't? it goes to the old page?

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


30-12-2010, 19:25
You're probably seeing a cached DNS. It might be 24-48 hours before you see the changes.

30-12-2010, 19:05
no error messages,

The operation was successfully executed!
The modification will be effective in few minutes..

but when I go to my web page it just goes to the original one?

Should I just open a ticket for some support?


30-12-2010, 18:52
You can. As to why it doesn't work I have no idea. Do you get any messages when you submit the request?

30-12-2010, 18:36
Can I redirect from a domain purchased through OVH to a non-OVH domain?

If so...

Why doesn't it work?

I've tried using the redirection option in the manager and I think I've filled everything right but still it doesn't move.