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Strange loading times on domain name

03-02-2011, 13:14
Not having an issue on Be with any site here, but for one thing if you're using Be's DNS then stop right now, and switch to openDNS. That's what I'm using and I have zero issues.

03-02-2011, 11:17
Maybe totally unrelated. Be/O2 ISP are having MTU issues, I'm on Be and I blamed OVH, turned out its Be/O2. Pages fail to load fully or at all, unless you refresh the browser. First noticed it on the 1st Feb.

02-02-2011, 22:14

Just a quick question to regards of some strange loading times am having with one of my domains.

When i go to my site via it takes around 10 seconds to load.

When i go via it takes around 3 seconds.

Infact i did a pingdom speed test and the later is 2.9 seconds whiles the first is 9.2 seconds.

Its only been like this for the last few days now, I cant think of whats changed i dont think ive changed anything server or dns wise...

Any idea's?

Cheers for now...