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OVH friendly management services?

22-02-2011, 09:45
There aren't any mainstream companies that specialise in OVH, but you will find plenty of seedbox/VPS guys that can help.

IF you want more than just an answer to this problem, as in a full support contract, I'm open to a deal as I've recently sold my 12 mo old company and have lots of experience dealing with OVH >_>

21-02-2011, 20:41
Will do, thanks very much RapidSpeeds
I have an open ticket right now, so I'm going to send in the information they need first before doing that, just incase they want it left as is, heh.

21-02-2011, 14:52
Ok, your speeds should not be that low, that is for sure.

You know OVH Manager has an option where you can select Rescue Pro mode (in the netboot) - set your server to this mode, then reboot it from ovh manager.

It will then send you an email within 5minutes with a web UI where all you do is click one button (start all tests) and it will check everything from the HDD to the Network connection.

Once you have this, if you are not 100% sure post us the screenshot. If it does not indefinately display there is bad sectors on the hdd causing slow rw speeds, or the network connection being very very low as you have quoted above, then at least it will be brought to the attention of everyone here (including the helpful ovh staff) - so we will get you a resolution.

Now, start the rescue pro mode and let us know, the tests will take upto 45mins

20-02-2011, 18:33
Thanks for the reply

I already have a problem which I believe to be out of my hands, which can be viewed here -

20-02-2011, 18:31
Hello Adam,

Why don't you just ask for help on here? Most of us are more than willing to offer any assistance you need.

If this scenario isn't ideal, why would you not just go with someone who offers managed servers? By the time you take some other companies costs into consideration including the cost of your server, this might be best for you.

20-02-2011, 16:00
Does anyone know of any management companies who are "OVH" friendly?

Companies which monitor/manage the server and fix stuff when it breaks, basically.