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Test network speed in Ubuntu

08-03-2011, 20:30
iperf is actually something I'd recommend if you can get the remote to cooperate - it uses the maximum throughput between two sites, including full duplex (bi-directional) if you set that option.

The thing with multi-threaded throughput testing is that it creates additional CPU/IO dependency locally and is also dependant on the remote end (also CPU/IO, but also connection limitations). This can give inaccurate results.

As for the qmail thing, those are zombies (so indefinitely waiting for one thing or another, and a "kill" signal will not reach them). Likely caused by a configuration error, ie., database. Check the syslog and mail.log for clues.

08-03-2011, 18:59
A quick way to test the download speed from your server (Internet to OV) is these 2 commands:

# wget -O /dev/null

# wget -O /dev/null

Of course, they use ftp protocol, so they have the protocol overhead.

To try the bandwidth OVH to Internet, you can place a big file on your webserver or ftp server and download it from another location.

I know these tests are not the best ones, but easy tests with minimal setup

08-03-2011, 16:24
Hi guys what would you recommend me to test both up and down speeds apart from Iperf, wget and so on?

I m on an ubuntu box. I d prefer something multithreaded and up and downstream not just down.


how may I remove this stupid qmail thing?

its centos in this box. I ve been googling with no luck.