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17-03-2011, 19:04

would this mean that if you can achieve the use of such engines, power prices /dedi prices /colo will drop?

15-03-2011, 11:18
Good work

14-03-2011, 21:18
13-03-2011, 12:26

As previously announced, we are currently constructing our first wind farm. The goal is to be the supplier of our own energy to all our datacentres so that
we do not have to buy energy from EDF in the future, hopefully 2020.

Indeed, the electrical power is the first cost to all datacentres, but with wind farms whose cost cost of raw material is 0 (the wind does not cost anything) we think we can reduce our costs by 70% within 3 to 5 years. Very interesting. All this in a context where the cost of energy continues to increase,
each year. OVH may find itself backtracking: we will cut costs for energy. Consequence: OVH's offers in the hosting market which will be cheaper than our competitors, while still being profitable. This means that with the cost of energy will increase, our competitors will reassess their prices while OVH will not be obliged to increase prices.

Most importantly, all this is "green" No CO2. We are hoping to reflect the spirit of our innovations on cooling liquid servers: no air conditioning, no wasted energy. The CPUE as close to 1 as possible (<1 if we take into account there may be some hot neighbors). Solutions which will be cheap and totally
"Green". And besides, we know can cool up to 20KW of electrical power per rack! So a concentration of very large servers: servers to host 100,000
we need "only" bays of 2300-2400.

Our first wind farm will be located in Alsace. It will consist of 8 wind turbines and will generate a total between 6MW to 7MW. These investments will be made without using Banks that do not believe in the project. Why? Because OVH has decided (once again) to do things our way. We decided to look into a new which is already technology developed and patented. There was a lack of confidence for financing from banks. So, OVH has therefore decided to
lend a hand and advance the funds to build The prototype which was installed near Valenciennes near the Toyota plant. Whichi can be seen from the highway:

The prototype is being validated by the standards related to energy production from wind turbines. This technology allows the turbine to turn with less wind and will therefore be "harder"."They are smaller and comply with all standards "harder" in terms of height and visual impact. The prototype is for 800KW and weighs "2 times less" than any equivalent to the market. Validations are up to 200KW (For security) and with that power it is injected into the network at a cost of 8/h ...

The production of energy of course depends on wind and speed. The wind fluctuates across a range of powers, sometimes not too little but not too much.
If operating at 100% capacity and 100% of the time (The theoretical case), the sale of energy would be funded in 3 years! and after 3 years, the rest of
time the cost would be 100% ... since there will be no further costs. In general, we calculate profitability a wind farm based on wind and the wind turbines
which are installed. Therefore an analysis of year 24/24 to validate a field ... It generally runs 25% of time running at 100%.

All this is very interesting. OVH has made the Beta technology and our field is installed and producing energy (OVH), we will discuss with our customers about other wind farms of this type. The idea is proposing to invest in the establishment of a farm and reap the benefits of this investment for 15 years. Without banks. Just between people and Live.