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notification of ovh kernel updates?

14-03-2011, 12:03
i've tried to get the yum kernel installed but i'm unsure on how to make the initrd so i'm going to have to stick with the ovh kernel (unless anyone can tell me how to do this for a i7-2T server?)

my question is if i use the standard ovh kernel is there a mailing list or something i can be added to, to be notified when an updated version is released or do ovh notify you automatically anyway?

and as far as using ovh netboot kernel what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this? dumb question is a kernel only required at bootup, so if you use the netboot and your server is up and running but then the ovh server holding the netboot kernel goes down will your own server continue operate as long as you don't reboot?

any advice appreciated