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How to install debian kernel instead of ovh kernel ?

03-04-2011, 13:49
download the kernel and the grub bootloader from apt-get , then you need to configure your bootloader to load the kernel.

i suggest using grub instead of lilo ( by default the loader is lilo which is set by ovh installations ) , so make sure to install grub and configure it as your bootloader.

after you have done with the configuration of your bootloader an you are happy with the new settings.

go to the ovh manager set your server to boot from HD , reboot...

16-03-2011, 04:05

I have EG-AMD server(Debian Lenny 64bit)
And I need to install VMWare for virtual Windows 2008
But I have problem.
How can I install a Debian kernel instead of this custom OVH kernel on my server ?
I can't install VMWare coz it don't like OVH's custom kernel
Anyway I need to get Windows 2008 running under EG-AMD Debian 64bit.