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Bandwidth output reduced to 0.

09-08-2011, 03:49
checked hdd parm ?

01-05-2011, 17:27
Hi all.

I've owned an RPS server for over a year now and have never had a problem with it in any aspect.

I know despite having a 100Mbit line, that 100Mbit isn't guaranteed 24/7 - I'm not that naive. However, using Ovh's bandwidth monitor, I can see it has even peaked to 80Mbit output which I have to say, is very good.

Now, I know if no one is downloading anything, that Ovh's monitor will say 0. However, it does keep dropping out regularly and im getting 0.1kb/s output as I've confirmed several times by attempting to download files from my server.

If i look at the "average" output, yes it is quite high because I have a rather large file for download but with regular drop outs, I'd much prefer a sustained connection at a lower rate - 0.1 isn't really capable of even serving a simple webpage.

I dont know if it's some restriction ovh does because I am distributing a large file? (1.5gb)

I have this file for download because I'm simply not using my server for it's intended purpose yet. I do intend to have a couple of sites on it and it concerns me that, a simple 1mb page might not load for hours, due to drop outs?

the strange thing is, I used to use this server to run a l4d2 game server (8 infact) for best part of a year which, bandwidth wise doesnt use as much but still a half decent amount and I never had a problem with reduced bandwidth output.. (which would cause a disconnect) which is why I really can not understand the constant drop outs to 0.1kb/s that I am experiencing now

I didnt use the server for the last 3 months or so and put a fresh install of debian and a standard build of apache, but I really can not see Ovh's service degrading like that in the 3 months i didnt use the services to not notice? :S

any particular causes for this?

Thanks in advance.