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Dedicated servers range 2011 2 of 4

31-03-2015, 12:58
We will update the 2 routers that manage vRack ace and load balancing. The 2 routers operate in parallel and therefore when implementing the update, the other takes over all. And the reverse. Load balancing + router is redundant.

04-05-2011, 17:57
Not liking the new pricing...nothing has happened with the base SP Mini.
Processeur Intel Core2Duo
2x 2.33+ GHz
3 Mo L2 - FSB 1066 MHz
Architecture 64 bits
Mémoire vive 4 Go DDR2
Disque dur 2x 750 Go - SATA2
NIC FastEthernet
04-05-2011, 14:14
.... following from the 1/4 post ...

Plenty of RAM in each server

Experience of virtualisation said: the server's RAM is already used at 100% while the CPU is used at 30-50% capacity. We have decided to shield the server motherboards in RAM at full capacity to exploit the CPU. In summary, we double the RAM capacity on the 2011 line compared to 2010:
- The SP goes to 16GB RAM
- The EG/MG range goes to 24GB RAM

Core and GHz in the CPU

To virtualize it takes VT. This is standard nowadays. We also include the Turbo which increases the frequency of a core of about 10% if other cores are not used. We chose a new CPU for the SP that allows a lot of GHz on 1 Core. The EG CPU was already perfect. And we've improved the CPU frequency of MG:
- The SP range 4 x 3.10 GHz with Intel Core i5 Turbo of 3.40 GHz, with 6M of cache
- The EG range 4 x 2 x 2.66 GHz Intel i7 W3520 Turbo of 2.93 GHz, with 8M cache
- The MG range 8 x 2.13 GHz Intel dual Xeon E5606 with 2x 8M cache

In terms of AMD, we chose one in EG with 6 cores at 2.30GHz and with 32GB of RAM, still lossless. This server is particularly attractive for virtualisation.

.... Post 3/4 to follow ...