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Can i pay with my credit card in france?

25-05-2011, 02:21
I've done this a few times.

It can get really messy if you start to rely on it and leave things until the last minute... Really, it's a good idea to renew about 48 hours in advance of your expiry to allow support to manually confirm if needed.

Particularly if both parties have not completed both of the necessary verification processes, that is: 1) sms verification, and 2) letter verification.

If you've both done that then generally I find it's pretty smooth sailing and not much gets said about who is paying for what server.

24-05-2011, 10:30
yes, you can add a different billing contact for a particular product so that the renewal of that product is done under someone else's bank card.

You can find it here:

OVH Manager >> choose you service >> Administration >> Contacts

Contact the support if there is any problem with the payment.

24-05-2011, 04:56
can a staff member confirm this or someone else who has done something similar before i proceed with the order?

23-05-2011, 20:05
Should be under your profile contact information, you can add people there I believe.

23-05-2011, 19:56
Andy i have an account where is that option of putting someone else as a billing contact? I just want to see it before i give it a shot and try it

i see where it is now so all i gotta do is go in there and add my nic-handle to his account under billing contact and that would put the payment responsibility on my account? lol not sure how it works

23-05-2011, 19:23
I believe you can however it will need manual verification. What you can get him to do is put you on as a billing contact. That should solve the problem.

23-05-2011, 19:10
I have a family friend who lives in france and although he has a credit card he sometimes doesn't have funds available in them. Is it possible for me to pay for the server via my credit card some times after he has registered and everything using the link that ovh provides for payment?