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French Site Admin Fined $29,000: ‘Torrent’ Becomes A Dirty Word.

02-06-2011, 18:25
Won't be long before there is a banned wordlist for domain names.

Great, Essex council should expect massive fines \o/

The idiocy of people that decide these cases never fails to astound me. Why don't the hereditary old gits that make up the judiciary system just ask their grandchildren?

02-06-2011, 17:56
A French Court of Appeal has just upheld the sentencing of an administrator of two BitTorrent-related sites. Despite no evidence being presented that money was made from the sites through advertising as claimed – or even that any infringements had occurred – the admin now faces a $29,000 payout. Bizarrely, the Court decided that having the word ‘torrent’ in his sites’ URLs showed that he knew about infringements.
Full article here. Just a FYI given the significant population of seedboxes at OVH/resellers...