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Domain name question

29-09-2011, 16:52
It is registered to just an individual.

Cheers for that marks, he isnt too worried about it, but i just wanted to make sure


29-09-2011, 16:07
does the UK domain correspond to a UK registered company or it's just an individual?

I can tell you that, at OVH, if we receive any such report (the US chap complains about a domain registered at OVH with similar name as another one in the US), we wouldn't be doing much.

If anything, it'd be through the disputation system in Nominet.

That's all I can tell you

29-09-2011, 00:48
I host a couple of sites for a friend of mine. He has recently brought out a new site. This new site is a british news site.
It just so happens that an american chap has a very similar domain which is an american news site. My friend has been getting a bit of stick from this other chap.

Are there any laws,rules or regulations that could bite my friend in the ass? There was no malicious intent when he bought the domain and its just pure coincidence that this other chap has a similar domain.