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Domain is pointing to

12-10-2011, 13:05
I can see that you've already put the dns servers for this domain to :

Name Server: DNS20.OVH.NET
Name Server: NS20.OVH.NET

That means that the resolution of the domain will be taken care of by OVH DNS servers, so you don't have to worry to manage them. You only have to configure the DNS zone as you need to.

After that, you can point the domain to your server (that is, modify the A record and the MX record to point to your server's IP).

You can also use your server as DNS server for your domain, but that's more elaborated, and you'll need to manage the DNS server yourself on your server, which is more responsibility. Maybe you would prefer using the OVH DNS servers.

Let me know if you need more info.

11-10-2011, 21:19

Your domain name is set up to ','. Your hosting dns is active on ','. Only if you want to use this hosting, set up domain name to ','.

i really don't understand how to fix this... im used much easier but i need a non us solution and well this is still broken for me a little direction please?