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Sense of humour

25-10-2011, 15:39
very funny . how the hell you cut two power cords this could make "The Website is down"

24-10-2011, 23:39
Lmao =P

24-10-2011, 19:46
Its give and take andy, you get a job, they get your fingers...Reasonable request if you ask me

24-10-2011, 18:14
Quote Originally Posted by Andy
But I like my fingers!
Can't work for OVH then

24-10-2011, 14:27
But I like my fingers!

24-10-2011, 13:10
Seems fair to me.

24-10-2011, 11:44
Whoever fills in the logs has a very good sense of humour

Comment by OVH - Sunday, 23 October 2011, 01:01AM
A preventive filter maintenance caused the problem.
A technician cut both power suppliers by mistake.

The traffic of the hosts is switched on the twin n5(n5-23-PCC).

Comment by OVH - Sunday, 23 October 2011, 02:19AM
A human error is the origin the problem.
A technician in the datacenter cut mistakenly the pcc-22-n5 (traffic switched on the pcc-23-n5) and did not wait for the CCP-22-n5 to be back online again and committed the same manipulation mistake on the pcc-23-n5. This kind of error (looking like a sabotage) is not included in the specifications of the PCC.

2 errors = 2 fingers of the technician were cut with an ax.