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New service: IP for UDP

01-12-2011, 21:14
Quote Originally Posted by Trojan
Is that why my DNS doesn't work?
Unless you're going over (50?)mbit/s in UDP then no.

01-12-2011, 18:48
Is that why my DNS doesn't work?

01-12-2011, 09:53

Some of you are aware that we have various limitations and protections in place within our network. At 99.999%, these limitations have no negative consequences on the operation of your servers, and are therefore very positive against attacks. Only 0.001% are still affected by the limitation on the UDP input.

We are preparing a document explaining these limitations and protections, but it takes some time to format an understandable document and some customers (0.001%) already gave us their needs. We decided to offer "IP for UDP"service before giving you any documentation and explanations.

To summarize, this is an IP (such as fail-over) whose Incoming UDP traffic is not limited, allowing for example to ensure better functioning of the tunnel / VPN UDP.

You can not choose the IP nor to geolocate it, however you can move it from one server to another subject to subscription to the Professional Use option. You can manage the reverse.

The service costs 5 per month, and remains on the server until its expiration. You can subscribe to multiple IPs.

Even if it is possible, we do not recommend you to use this IP for anything other than UDP traffic. We also recommend you to implement the server-side filtering rules to accept that UDP traffic on that port only (preferably with the remote IP(s)), and ignore the rest (DROP rule).

How do I know if I need this option? Only if you notice an output limit in UDP point-to-point.

How to order it? via the manager as usual