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OVH: Please make purchasing additional traffic easier

09-12-2011, 09:20

but yes, all those would be awesome. Especially managing addons like OS and IP etc. So many times you can get caught out forgetting to remove an addon when you resell the server to another customer :/

09-12-2011, 00:36
I have hundreds of OVH servers, most are unmetered but your new prices per TB are good enough that I prefer to use the metered servers now.
Your process of buying additional traffic is very bad for a customer with many servers.
I have to order it per server, and fill in the order form/credit card each time.
This is too much work to manage many servers every month.

I also do not know in advance how much traffic each server will need.

Please make purchasing bandwidth work per account, and not per server.
So I can just purchase some TB for my entire account without having to micromanage each server, or just bill me at the end of the month for however much I use.

This is the only thing keeping me from purchasing several hundred kimsufi servers right now (and while I think of it the ability to purchase more then one server at a time would be nice too).