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Christmas approaches, have you all been good

20-12-2011, 21:39
I knew I forgot something! Shopping! Was wondering why there was still that much left in my account...

18-12-2011, 15:07
I did the shopping in the sense of the following:

Wife: "We should get surround sound so we can watch Back To The Future properly"

Me: "Sure".. internet.. next day delivery.. inst(moan)al(complain)l

Wife: "We should get more presents for the kids"

Me: "You are kidding, they have had a fortune spent on them"
Me: hides credit card

18-12-2011, 14:44
Because someone really likes messing wth your head :-)

So, who has actually done the Xmas shopping? I'm being the typical bloke and going out on Xmas eve.

16-12-2011, 16:50
Joyeux Nol et meilleurs vux pour la saison

I have been very good this year, not that my wife has noticed :P

Just picked the kids up from school, they are now officially counting down the days to Christmas.

Random question for today: Why when you get a surround sound system do the rear speaker wires reach across town but the front speaker wires not even reach from the back of the TV to the ceiling?