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Nic-handle confirmation for ovh staff

13-01-2012, 18:31
Resolved. Thank you marks. Please close thread

13-01-2012, 11:34
Where did you send your documents? if you placed your order at you should send the email to In the meantime we will inform our head office about your thread.

13-01-2012, 08:27
Took them 3 days to remove VAT once I sent the ID and address, as far as confirm I didn't have to do any. I placed the order for the server straight away. The only delay was me not paying it till VAT was removed.

13-01-2012, 06:57
Trying to confirm the nic handle: ss71035-ovh on

How long do they take to respond? Sent it 2 days ago, still nothing. Sent in proof of id and password