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New distribution: FreeBSD 9.0

26-01-2012, 18:03

A few days ago, the latest version of the FreeBSD operating system was released: FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE

Since yesterday you can install it on your OVH dedicated server through via the Manager, or when ordering a new server. This FreeBSD is added to previous versions which remain: 7.4 and 8.2.

FreeBSD 9.0 is delivered in 64bit with its original kernel. The 'rescue' system was also updated.

Some new features:
- Support of ZFS version 28
- Support for NFS v4
- TRIM support for UFS (for SSD)
- New hardware Support (USB3, ...)
- Improved drivers (especially for the Intel network cards)
- Improved performance and security

Note: the reinstallation system of the OVH Manager does not yet support ZFS partitions.

For more details, go to: (Coming soon)

This distribution is currently in BETA, therefore feel free to post your comments in this thread.


OVH Team