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How do I bind a domain to a server?

30-01-2012, 19:03

If you have bought a domain somewhere, you most likely have a control panel, go there and look for a category to do with Domains or DNS, then you need to add a DNS record.

Add a DNS record using the type "A" and enter the Kimsufi server IP.

Then go into the OVH manager and the summary page should have a text box with your current server name, something like ks*****, click this box remove the text and enter the domain you assigned when creating the DNS record on your domain.

Then click the pencil icon and it should update.

Now when you enter the domain it should resolve to your kimsufi IP.

27-01-2012, 23:51
All registrar's offer DNS services. If you want to use your own or theirs that's up to you. If you want to use theirs all you need to do is point the zone records to your servers IP using an "A" record. If you want to host your own DNS service as well you need to point the name servers to your IP and then configure the domain on your server.

If you don't know how to manage it on your own server then I recommend against it. Stick with the registrar DNS.

Bind9 is DNS server software.
Name Servers tell the rest of the internet which server to look for DNS records on.

27-01-2012, 22:00
Thanks for your answer however I am not sure I totally understands it
I know this might not be the right place to give me lessons about networking but I am really struggling with understanding the DNS concept

I have no idea if my registrar offers a DNS service nor I know what that means however the idea of creating a record which binds a certain IP to a certain domain name is exactly how I imagine the DNS
What is & bind9 anyway? and why do we need nameservers? when I have a record with the registrar that binds an IP to the domain name?

Thanks again

27-01-2012, 18:30
If you registrar offers a (free) DNS service you don't need any software on you own dedi. All you need to de is create an A record with the domain linking to the ip of your server.
If you registrar doesn't offer this service you can use the free service from
If you want to host your own DNS server you can use the most popular one, bind9.

Don't forget to have your registrar change your nameservers (where they point to).

27-01-2012, 13:35
Do I need a certain software installed on the server?

It's a Kimsufi server with a single IP address, I didn't register the domain name with OVH, the server got nothing installed on it apart from the OS

I have installed Apache sever and the home page is online , all I need to do is to bind my domain name to the IP address of the server

Any ideas? Thanks