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kernals linux

28-05-2012, 09:51
amazing iain k . thanks for the straight forward approach and advice you gave to this, if possible would it be ok to continually use this post as corispondance within regards to this kernal subject should i have any issues.

would it be possible to maybe contact you by skype ? this is going to be a overnight project scheduled of course , again thanks in advance

25-05-2012, 15:59
Often you want to re-compile and change the kernel timing. If you're running on 100Hz then you should attempt upping that as far as 1000Hz. Of course test performance as you are doing so and find the value best for you. This can increase FPS significantly.

The easiest way to build a kernel is to grab the latest sources from and get the OVH kernel config file from their FTP to get you off to a good start.

This OVH config already has 1000Hz:

So you want to download the kernel to /usr/local/src. Untar it. Enter its folder path.
Also download the ftp file to the /usr/local/src/kernel-path.
Issue 'make menuconfig' and load the kernel config file (theres an option).
Save the config.
Issue 'make'
Issue 'make install'

The process may be a bit more long winded. Google is your friend. But definitely this OVH config will help you get started.

24-05-2012, 21:46
hello all.

I am aware that this is volunteer based help community so what ever help i get with this i would appreciate. I want to start looking into kernals for centos systems, i have a few with ovh, and the standard ones i dont think are optimised enough for say for example game servers.

so how difficult is it to install a kernal via ssh ?

what kernals for game servers do you recommend that prioritises refresg rates and fps rates etc ?

if anyone can help with clear instructions on how to start and do this aspect i would appreciate this.