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When automation fails, then what do we do?

15-06-2012, 12:54
Since when does Kimsufi not have telephone support? I used to use it all the time and was never told that?

15-06-2012, 12:22
Quote Originally Posted by Andy
Call them on the phone. That's the next fastest way to e-mail/tickets.
Not for a vKS. Kimsufi & vKS do not have telephone support. The ticket is open and it will be seen to, but being a vKS it does not have the highest priority.

15-06-2012, 12:14
Call them on the phone. That's the next fastest way to e-mail/tickets.

15-06-2012, 08:30
At the moment, it seems like the answer to that is 'there's nothing you can do'.

I ordered a virtual kimsufi last night to run some linux based things (I already have a kimsufi 2G that runs windows).

However, I was also wiping a local machine while i was setting it up, and accidently ran rm -rf * in the root directory on the vps.

I then obviously lost connection to it, but still didn't realize what I had done until I hit the reboot button in the manager. Since then, it's been stuck on starting. I have attempted a reinstall, but this says there is a process already occuring (which there's stuck on rebboting for obvious reasons).

I then opened an incident ticket (ticket number is 1054339) explaining what I had done, and that doing a renistall was not working. This was around 5 hours ago, and i have had no response since. I am well aware that kimsufi has a lower support level than ovh, but 5 hours with no reponse is not acceptable at all.

Don't get me wrong, I love ovh based on my experience with my 2g and also a 16g that I had previously, but it seems that if automated systems go wrong, you're basically left on your own and ignored.

I hate moaning, but I am hoping a member of staff see's this and gets my vps working again, as it seems like i've wasted my money at the moment.